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Robotic Covers

Automotive Paint – Robot Covers:

  • We cover numerous styles of equipment in paint facilities worldwide

  • We partner with all robotic manufacturers to develop protective covers 
    for new and existing equipment

  • Our covers are effective in many applications: Powder Coat/1K & 2K 


  • Helps contain contaminates that can ruin a finish/job

  • Protect robot from problems due to overspray

  • Reduces maintenance and downtime


  • Unprecedented service

  • Average turnaround time for new products or modifications: 3.6 days

  • 31% of work orders completed in 24 hours or less

  • All woven / washable products are laundered, inspected, and packaged in our clean room laundry

  • All non-woven / non-washable products are processed in our exclusive Aero-Particle Extractor (Patent Pending), then inspected and packaged in our clean room

  • We consistently check for fibers on random finished products using laser particle counting technology

  • We test all incoming raw materials for crater causing substances

  • We routinely perform tests for crater causing substances on random finished products

  • All sales, service, technical, and quality staff are trained in Paint Defect Analysis

  • We have a full time quality manager and on-site lab for testing

  • We maintain a complete fiber library of all TDIC products to assist in particle identification

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