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TDIC's Commitment to Quality

TDIC is dedicated to producing the best quality product available on the market. We ensure our high standards are met by:

  • Maintaining and dedicating the resources to maintain the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard

  • Engaging in continuous improvement activities.

  • Continually developing employees

  • Maintaining a financially healthy company by encouraging the efficient use of resources, gaining new business, and helping current customers save money

  • Fiber Tracking – TDIC consistently checks for fibers on random finished products using laser particle counting technology

  • Crater Tracking – TDIC tests all incoming raw materials for crater causing substances, and routinely performs tests on random finished products for crater causing substances


Our onsite Class 100 Clean Room (in operation, certified annually) features include:

  • Automatic chemical dispensers for accuracy

  • Walk off tacky mats at entrance of changing area

  • Ionization grids under all HEPA filters to control static charge

  • Climate control

  • The Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology recommended cleaning schedule

  • Central vacuum system

  • Hepa filtered gowning room


All TDIC sales, service, technical, and quality staff are trained in Paint Defect Analysis ( a 3-day hands-on workshop conducted by Paint Performance Consulting Inc. & Surface Science Western at the University of Western Ontario). TDIC uses Surface Science Western at the University of Western Ontario to assist in particle and defect identification. TDIC has a full-time quality manager and on-site lab for testing. TDIC maintains a complete fiber library of all TDIC products to assist in particle identification.

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