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I have been asked (by the engineering department of a major domestic automotive manufacturer) what manufacturer provided the best quality over the years, and I have repeatedly stated TDIC for several reasons. The covers have shown to be more rigorous, and typically needed few if any repairs during their life. A blind wash/wear test done at (a major domestic automotive assembly plant) demonstrated this soundly in a trial of TDIC versus (a competitor). Additionally, readily releasable testing performed at (this facility) demonstrated that TDIC covers shed less particles than (the competitors) covers at (this facility). (The competitor's) covers delaminated during use, and shed during testing.

"Industry expert",
Laundry Company

Everyone was very impressed and pleased with the covers [TDIC] designed. They are attractive and functional by helping keep fingers, ect from getting into the machine. You guys have been terrific.

Project Engineer,
Mako Surgical Corp.

Thank You for your support on this project. We have installed all of the covers that have been shipped to us. They are doing well. I will keep TDIC in mind for other projects of this type.

Assistant Team Leader For Machine Maintenance,
Michigan Automotive Compressor, Inc.

RTI and TDIC have been extremely helpful. They have gotten directly involved in the work at Belvedere Assembly Plant and I am glad to say that Mark C from TDIC is doing a great job there, answering mine, and the plants needs. TDIC really stepped up to the plate to help both at Belvedere Assembly Plant and Toledo North Assembly Plant and I appreciate all your guys help.

Again, Thanks for all your support and the improvements!!!!

Daimler Chrysler,
Senior Plant Process Dept.

If I say nice things about you and the company, it is because they are true. You turn out a good product and do it on time, what more could a customer ask for.

F/A - 22 Tooling,
Lockhead Martin

I have heard nothing but great feedback from many of the others you have dealt with here at FANUC, and it is a pleasure to deal with dedicated and competent vendors committed to their work.

I really appreciate your assistance, and look forward to future business dealings with you and TDIC.

Sr. Project Manager,
FANUC Robotics America, Inc.

Lynnette did a very good job measuring our robots. She explained the different materials and their applications. We are looking for a local supplier for robot covers, primarily for 4400 and 2400. Lynnette measured both while she was here.

Equipment Engineer,
Recticel North America

TDICs’ service is impeccable, any time I’ve asked you’ve been there for us and if you couldn’t be you let me know ahead of time. The cost savings has been very good with the use of the secondary cover. TAP has been very lucky to have a company like TDIC, Inc. that is as dedicated to making a quality product along with insuring quality where possible in paint processes around the country.

Process Engineer,
Toledo North Assembly Plant

TDIC has been an efficient/effective service provider and assisted our major domestic automotive assembly plant in Hamtramck on multiple occasions in an effort to reduce dirt/fibers in the paint dept.

Major Domestic Automotive Assembly Plant,