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TDIC-A Global Supplier

The nature of our business environment today is forcing virtually all businesses to evaluate their business models, looking for opportunities wherever they present themselves. The team at TDIC has been a leader in uncovering opportunities to distribute their quality products globally for a ... Read More »

TDIC Announces Sponsorship of The Power of One, Solar Car Project

TDIC is a proud sponsor of The Power of One, Solar Car Project, creation of Marcelo da Luz. Marcelo has been working for years on developing a solar powered vehicle with the goal of setting a new world distance record. His car is almost complete and soon Marcelo will leave for a coast-to-coast ... Read More »

TDIC Launches New Online Presence Application

TDIC has announced the launch of a brand new web site. The first phase is now live which includes information about industries served, services offered, general resources, white paper downloads and much more. “We are excited about this next step in eBusiness and know that it will help our ... Read More »

TDIC Increases Clean Room Efficiency

TDIC is dedicated in its mission to produce and provide the cleanest product in the industry. This has been accomplished primarily by including into our process a state of the art Class 100 Clean Room. Continuous improvement is the name of the game at TDIC, we are consistently upgrading our ... Read More »

LASD Absorbent Pad – TDIC’s latest and greatest innovation.

FUNCTION Every second cycle, the LASD applicator is immersed in water for cleaning. The applicator retains water upon removal. The LASD Absorbent Pad, being made of porous and wicking materials, allows the water to be absorbed and retained. BENEFITS Collection of excess water on the ... Read More »

Generosity Fuels the Mission of Turning Point

On behalf of the Turning Point Board of Directors and the staff who work with survivors every day, we would like to thank our generous donors for the incredible support you give us during the holidays and the rest of the year. Following are a few examples of the generosity of people in our ... Read More »